ALL things will pass away…


I have been known to engage in “friendly” debates with people I know well or hardly know at all.  Over time I have discovered that engaging in these debates usually ends with a non-stop “chasing of a rabbit” each of us trying to convince the other to either agree with our point of view or be known as stupid for not.  Those debates abruptly came to a stop when one particular person really made me angry.

I remember the moment clearly.  This person will open her mouth and express her feelings about any given subject at any time with little to no filter, a trait in a person I truly admire.  However, when I noticed her deleting certain Facebook friends who held the opposite opinion, that admiration quickly diminished.  Ask yourself a question, readers?  Why are you expecting others to love you, accept you, and embrace you for being who you are without apologies, and yet do not want to do the same for others?

Here’s a piece of truth that everyone needs to accept sooner than later….when God says in His Word that “all things will eventually pass away,” your opinions will be included in this passing.  As human beings, we will all have our perspectives on how things should be, why our society should or not work in this way or that, and what every person needs to do with his or her own life.  In the midst of these perspectives, we must understand how other people who seem different are our brothers and sisters of the same God.  One of the best pieces of advice my mentor gave me is, “Amy, if we agree on everything, that means one of isn’t necessary.”  God created all of us on purpose and for a purpose.  Stop expecting others to share your perspectives and opinions.  More importantly, GET OVER YOURSELF.  Just because you think you are 100% correct does not mean you are.  There will never be complete agreement and harmony on everything.  Sometimes these waves allow us to be humbled.  If it has not happened yet, trust me it will.  You will not get your way all the time.

I will part with these words, “Therefore the one thinking to stand, let him take heed, lest he fall.”  1 Corinthians 10:12.  The phrase “foolish pride” is very accurate with so much self-righteous indignation existing today.  If you feel the need to prove others wrong and beneath you to lift yourself higher, God will show you how foolish you and your pride truly are in His world among His children.


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