You never know


I want to talk about a situation in a very non-specific way.  There are so many labels floating around in the air today such as pro-life, anti- or pro- gay marriage, and, my personal favorite, abolish the death penalty.  I believe in the right to free speech, and I believe that everyone should march down Washington, carrying that over-sized picket sign, and shout at the top of their lungs what they want to see change in this world.  BUT BEFORE YOU DO THAT, I WANT YOU TO THINK!!!

Have you ever been raped by a family member and become pregnant?  Have you ever had someone close to you that you love so dearly come to you and say, “I’m gay, and all I need is your love and support.”?  Have you ever sat in a courtroom and listened in graphic detail how this person, awaiting judgment by the jury of their peers, had no regard for an innocent young baby and raped and sodomized her to death?

You may think you know everything about yourself and your own personal belief system, but one day, friend, an event will come to pass in your life, and you will have to make a real decision, a decision based on what has truly been existing in your heart all along, you just didn’t understand why, so you tried to fight against it. 

God bless, friends! 


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