Common image of a hungry child is not the most accurate one

Do you ever think that the obese child could be hungry?  We can all say, “oh it doesn’t look like that child has missed a meal?”  What we don’t realize is that child has actually missed several meals, balanced nutritious meals anyway.  When the only foods offered to a child are cheap, fast, and loaded with empty calories, a child or even an adult can remain hungry even though they have eaten several times in one day.  Both children in the pictures below are actually starving for good food.  The ending result is just different.  The one on the left is longing for clean water and a cooked meal, while the one on the right needs a moment to sit down and eat a healthy, yet savory meal that has been prepared.  In today’s fast paced world with parents working two jobs to make ends meet, it takes effort to slow down and focus on health and nutrition.  Sometimes the easier answer is just to eat the sandwich that tastes good and forget about the fruits and vegetables that have good long term effects on our health.




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