Third Person Biography



About Amy Chrestman

By Amy Laura Billingsley Chrestman

            Her name is Amy Chrestman.  The most important thing in her life are becoming a person that her children will be proud of.  Amy is currently enrolled at Mid America Christian University pursuing a degree in Communications/Public Relations and Ethics.  Upon graduating in 2015, she plans to keep moving forward and earn a Master’s degree in English.  The main aspiration that she has held in her heart since childhood is she wants to be known and noticed for doing good.  With Amy’s spontaneous, outgoing, people loving personality, she loves making people laugh especially in the face of adversity or sadness, as well as offer a helping hand if needed to provide necessary needs. 

            Throughout junior high and high school, Amy Billingsley, who would later become Amy Chrestman, was a prominent member of the school dance team.  To this day, even though she is in her late thirties, when a music comes on that has a good beat, Amy has a hard time making her body be still.  Amy could have been a better, more focused student in school, but she became very disillusioned with the “school atmosphere” during her high schools days.  At that time, everything was about dance team or spending time with friends.  The only recognition Amy received at Olive Branch High School was “Most Talkative.”  Anytime, anywhere, and to anyone, Amy would sit for hours and chat.  In fact, that is how everyone within the school ever recognized if something was wrong.  When Amy was silent, then something was terribly out of place.  As long as Amy was neither sick nor angry, her voice could be heard up and down the school hallways or within the walls of her after school job at the local grocery store.

            Today Amy can be located in Hernando, MS in one of many places: her home with her three children and husband, out in the pasture playing with her horses, at work at the local bank, or at church receiving the Holy Spirit into her soul to revive her for the upcoming challenges she may face.  She still enjoys talking and making people laugh; and when music is playing, her body begins to dance with joy.  However, she is forced to keep a lid on her personality when patronizing certain areas of her life like the workplace or church.  Certain people do not “get” her personality; it is misconstrued as rudeness or unprofessional.  Be that as it may, Amy never has been one to “let ‘em see her sweat.”  Even when given a hard time about the fact that she is too loud sometimes or the fact that she used to suffer from the speech impediment of stuttering, Amy will hold her head high and remember that she knows not what the future holds, but she knows who holds her future.

Truncated Version:

Amy Chrestman came into the world with the perfected skill of communication, a skill that has never left her.

The only award she has ever been given is “Most Talkative” in high school.

Her strong personality gives people the impression that nothing can ever affect her in a negative way.

That is not true.  She just never lets them see her sweat.


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