My hometown-For the time being

When I think of my hometown, I am often reminded that I have never lived within any city limits.  I have always been in Desoto county, MS.  Sometimes I have a Byhalia address, sometimes it’s a Olive Branch address, but for the time being it is a Hernando mailing address.  I have always loved the fact that I live in a county named after Hernando Desoto, the very first Conquistador.  As a matter of fact, the high school I attended, Olive Branch High School actually held the mascot name of Olive Branch Conquistadors.  I often wondered why.  The Hernando High School students were the Hernando Tigers.  Not that I minded being a Conquistadors, mind you, but I always felt that it would have made more sense, history wise, for Hernando to be the Conquistadors, since they are also in Desoto County, and the city was named Hernando.  I must confess that I miss very little about Olive Branch.  I graduated from that school and still run into old high buddies every now and then, but I was never one to carry the torch for my alma mater.  I do not attend my reunions, even though I ponder on what my old are doing from time to time and certainly wish them well.  I guess it’s because I was always a little different than my high school friends.  I was known as the quirky, loud mouthed, sometimes downright weird, Amy-girl who did what she wanted giving little thought to the outcome.  I haven’t changed much from those high school days; so I guess when it comes to thinking of my hometown, in my heart, mind, and soul, I never left anything behind.  My friends still linger in my heart though I couldn’t care less about seeing them, and my life now is still so very close to where I grew up, I feel that I never left. 


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