Amy Chrestman-It’s never too late!!!

I made a conscious choice almost four years ago to return to school and earn my bachelor’s degree.  Now that I am four semesters away from graduation, I have made the decision to continue forward and earn my Master’s degree.  I am not sure which Master’s degree program I will be choosing, but for the time being I am focused on a master’s in English.  I love reading, writing, editing, proofreading, and creating.  I pray that God will use me, guide me, lead me, and continue to love me as I continue down this journey of furthering my education and pursuing a true career, not just having a job. 

Another passion of mine is horses.  As a hobby, I am being taught the techniques and skills of natural horsemanship to effectively communicate and enjoy my horses.

I have heard the phrase, “God is my co-pilot.”  I believe that if that is true, you need to switch seats.  I prayed for so long that God would help me move forward in my life.  When I changed my prayer to, “God, tell me what I need to do to become the woman you would have me be” then things started happening.  I thought I was too old to even contemplate furthering my education.   I was told I was too old to ride horses anymore.  I was wrong!  So wrong!!  Give your life to God and watch Him do an amazing work within you.



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