Insurance companies=too much power

Dealing with insurance companies makes my head spin and my spirit angered.  I know everyone has felt this before as I have.  Calling the insurance company to make sure your necessary medical treatment will be paid for.  Arguing with the insurance company that this was indeed a NECESSARY TREATMENT has become so commonplace in our society today that it sickens me.  Why in the hell do those white collared businessmen have so much power in our medical field?  Did they graduate from medical school?  I’d be willing to bet that most of them did not.  The common denominator with all insurance is “do not spend any more money on any one person than we absolutely have to.  We would rather them die first.”  Sound harsh?  Maybe so, but I don’t care.  It’s true.  That being said, I have story to share with everyone that I hope can make someone think twice before refusing treatment for any individual who is facing a serious illness.  This story is about a member of my church family, a member who, along with his doctors had to fight with the world of medical insurance before they would grant him the coverage he needed to seek his VERY NECESSARY CANCER TREATMENTS. 

This week I received some very good news.  A very dear, sweet, lovely man by the name of Heath Sheffield was told that he was cancer free.  Heath attends my church, and to say that we have all been in prayer that he would beat Stage 4 lung cancer is an understatement.  Heath was diagnosed not so very long ago and only given a 5% chance of survival, according to different reports that I have read.  Though his initial prognosis was grim, Heath’s faith in God was not.  He, along with his family, friends, and of course, church family remained constant in faith and prayer that Heath would be healed by the grace of our sovereign God.  Through hardcore prayer, as well as very hardcore medical treatment, today that hope became a reality.  Everyone who knows Heath and his family loves them for their joyous spirits and ALWAYS smiling faces.  I can not recall a time when I have not seen them smiling, even in the midst of doctors and treatments and medicinal induced side effects.  Our hearts were soaring through the sky singing praises to God for Heath’s healing. 

Think what would have happened if the doctors had been unable to treat Heath due to an insurance denial of coverage.  Would God have healed Heath anyway?  Perhaps.  But God blessed us with doctors who go through twenty or more years of school in order to make life and death decisions everyday.  Doctors are vehicles used by God to bring about the physical healing we desire.  Why should an insurance company be given any say-so whatsoever about a medical treatment that a person may or may not need?  That decision should be left solely to the individual and their doctors.  I urge everyone to fight as hard as you can against insurance companies who claim that your medical condition is not worth their effort.  If you work for an insurance company and are reading this, please stop and think about what you are saying to a fellow human being when you make the choice to deny a claim.  Do not focus on the monetary savings you may be achieving, but instead on the words of the doctor, the one who went to medical school and has training that you probably do not have.  If you say the words, “if I do it for this one person, I’d have to do it for everyone…” well, maybe you should do it for everyone.

“The world is not interested in what we do for a living.  What they are interested in is what we have to offer freely-hope, strength, love, and the power to make a difference.”  -Sasha Azevedo




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