I am the mother of three boys, so needless to say, my house is constantly full of noise, messes, and sometimes, sheer chaos.  However, I must confess that when my house is empty, I miss my children and all the havoc they enjoy creating sometimes.  I wonder what other mothers do to get out and collect their thoughts.  Crazy as it sounds, I find myself just going to the bathroom and locking the door just to have a moment’s peace.  Even as I write these words, my four year old has said my name at least five times trying to show me that he has found my lotion and is rubbing it on his sweet little tummy.  It is imperative that every adult has the opportunity to be with other adults and share some pleasant conversation and maybe even a meal or two; otherwise, we would go insane.  I do not care how much anyone loves their babies.  We may love them more than anything, but we must have a life of our own to a certain extent.  I have found that since I have returned to work, I am a more patient understanding parent.  I also believe that showing my children what a strong independent woman I am will show them how to make independent lives for themselves also.  After all, children don’t learn what we tell them, they learn what we show them.  That’s all for now.  Have a blessed Thursday!


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